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SpiderMan:The Movie

Review-The game is a very good. It has wonderful graphics. It also includes many small movie clips between some of your missions. Along with the voice talents of Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe, this game is grade A. Of course the topic at hand is websling. Was that true to the form? Well, my friend it was outstanding. You get great combos, training, game sequences and of course get to wise crack on the bad guys. Though the game follows a lot of the movie, you comic book fans won't want to miss out on this game. It also includes the villains Shocker, Valture and Scorpion. Along with killer robots, razor bats and other killer machines, you won't want to put this game down. It also goes with different difficult levels. Easy, Normal, Hero and Super Hero. With each passing level you have to get more and more skilled and use more powers then before. With some basic combat moves, good thinking and some skilled web attacks you will beat through the bad guys in no time! But beware of the Green Goblin! He is the hardest to beat when you first meet him. He rames you with his glider, shots bullets and all kinds of other things. Over all this game is great! But of course if you get tried of playing the storyline, you can always play Pin-head Bowling or try one of the traning rooms. Not to give anything away, but when you beat different levels, you get more sercert stuff in the store. If you beat the game on easy you will get to play as Peter through the whole game! Cool huh?

As well with any game, you need cheats! And here is where I step in. I only use some cheats. I know the ones I use by heart. So, if there are more you are going to have to wait until someone sends them in or I find them on the web. Which I will do!

To get a cheat, just go to the main menu, select speacails then go to cheats.

Tried of your web running out? Then use this code to never run out of webbing!

Want every style of fighting? Try this code!

Said to be the ultimate cheat, use it to unlock all the movie viewers, production art, levels and get level bonus points.

Want to see what spiderman sees? Use this cheat for first person viewing!

This gets you a weird version of the Green Goblin custome.

Sorry guys, but I forgot what this one does. When I remember I will put it up. I just know it's a cool cheat to use.

Want to go in slow-mo? When you hit someone, or they hit you, the game will slow down. It kinda of makes you feel like your in the Materix.

Want to see a small spiderman? Use this cheat!

Play as a policeman.

Your enimes will have big heads.

Play as the Shocker!

Play as a scientist!

Play as a helicopter pilot

Spider-man has big feet and big head! It's really funny looking.

Play as the Green Goblin By:Gerald Villoria
In a storyline that mirrors the main game, you play as Harry Osborn (in his dad's costume and with the Goblin's arsenal of weapons) out to right the Osborn family name.

1. Start the game on hard or super hero difficulty and get into the first level.
2. Use the pause menu and quit out to the main shell.
3. Enter the "ARACHNID" cheat in the cheats menu which will open up all levels.
4. Use "Level Warp" to go to the conclusion level. This is only the final cinematic where Norman reveals himself to Spidey and is taken out by the glider. When you play this cinematic you have essentially beaten the game on whatever difficulty you chose at the beginning.
5. Get back to the main menu and enter the "Secret Store". Turn on the Green Goblin.
6. Use "Level Warp" or just start a new game and you will be playing as the Green Goblin.
You will be playing at whatever difficulty you chose at step one unless you choose to start a new game and select a new difficulty.

Well, that's all the cheats I use. Sorry. I know I missed alot that let you play as thugs, good guys and bad guys. Also the cheats to having your enimes change as well. So, I will surf the net and try to find more cheats for you all.