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The Story

Who am I? You sure you want to know? Ok, let's not start my story off the classical version of a drama movie. I think my life has enough drama without the adding of that line. My name is May Parker. May-day to my friends. Alright, as you had probably already guessed it, I'm Spider-girl. Yeah, big bad spidey had a daughter. What? Were you expecting a guy to be the hero of this story? Well, that's where you are wrong. Dead wrong. See, my story starts off just like my father's. Average kid in a normal high school. I wasn't picked on as much as my dad though. Hey, atleast I didn't have to chase after the bus like he did. Well, anyways as I was saying. My life was normal. Not very good and all sun shine, but alright. I was somewhat chunky around the middle too. Yeah, Big boned, huskey, however you want to put it, I was that. Now, as I said before I was in high school. It was my sixteenth birthday! The big one-six. Sweet sixteen. The one birthday I was looking forward too. Sure, I felt just the same, but my life was changing, and fast. I went to sleep one person and woke up another.

It was a sunny morning in New York. The streets were alive with traffic. A huge traffic jam to be correct. Smoke was coming from the first car in line. The car had staled. The man behind him was on his Cell Phone talking to his big office somewhere in New York. Behind him was a woman with a screaming baby. Even farther back by about six cars, was my school bus. An old bus that had an even older drivers. I was sitting in the front. I could hear the comments of the people behind me. A few jocks, bullies and preps made up the bus. I was all but what they were.
I, May Parker had brown hair with blue eyes. My face was shaped more like my mom's then my dad's. My hair was pulled back into a pony tail and I had black framed glasses on. I was currently working on one of my drawlings. It was of Spider-man. I, like many other girls in the city, was interested in Spider-man. He was a Hero after all. He strangly seemed to have disappeared from all veiw almost sixteen years ago.