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Spider-Man Fan Club

Welcome to the Spider Man Fan club where all the fans of the comic book, cartoon and movie came live in peace!

If you aren't a member, Please join before exploring most of the site. Thank You!

Quote of the month-
'Can I take your picture?'- Peter Parker

Updates-August 06-I just updated the game section. I added about five codes and Gerald Villoria's verson of how to play as the Green Goblin! It's much better then the code FREAKOUT trust me. Anyways, please be very easy on me about the Bugle. I can't really get another hours in the day to updated it lately. I will try to do it this weekend though. And I will be adding comics to this site soon! And cartoon info! I will also be adding small stories, fan art, and fanfiction! I hope you enjoy! Bye!

Site News
The Last big Update was on the contents. I just added a new link page.
Sorry that I haven't updated the Daily Bugle! I am getting new reporters and new stories for all of you. Instead of being a 'Daily' Bugle, it's going to have to be more like a 'Monthly' Bugle. You probable noticed the stupid humor I just used. hehe.. Well, Please be paticent with me. My computer has a virus and I am not sure how to get rid of it, just yet. So, please hold on and I will be back updating in no time!