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Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, is the talented actor who plays Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man in the new hit movie 'Spider-Man'. Tobey Maguire is 26 years old and on his way to be a well-known actor, if he hasn't already done it in 'Spider-Man'. Starting his acting off, mainly in the well known movie 'Cider House Rules' Tobey Maguire is a very talented young actor making his way to becoming one of the best. If playing the part in 'Cider House Rules' wasn't good enough for you, he has also played in several other films including 'The Ice Storm', 'Cats and Dog', (as voice of Lou)'Deconstructing Harry', 'Ride with the Devil', 'Wonder Boys', 'Pleasent Vill' and the t.v. show 'Great Scott'. As one of his Fans, I would like to say that Tobey maguire is a great actor and I am looking foward to his next movie.

Facts about Tobey:
Full Name:Tobias Vincent Maguire
Birthdate: June 27, 1975
Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA

Claim to Fame: Played Paul Hood, the love-struck but comparably clearheaded narrator of Ang Lee's Nixon-era drama, The Ice Storm (1997)

Father: Vincent Maguire, construction worker, cook; married Maguire's mother 1977 divorced shortly thereafter
Mother: Wendy Maguire, part-time secretary; divorced
Half-brother: Vincent; born 1972
Half-sister: Sara; born 1979
Half-brother: Timothy; born 1984