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Welcome to the Humor part of the site! Jokes and wise cracks that spider-man has said are here!

Disclaimer:No I didn't come up with these. These are purely from Spider-man! So don't throw tomatoes at me if you don't like 'em. Throw them at Spider-man!

This is Spider-Man speaking! Ready for my wise cracks? (hears creakets....) umm alright. Here we go!
#1-You are so fat, that when you cut yourself shaving, Marshmillow fluff comes out.
No? Ok, here's another one..
#2-You are so fat that when you step on a scale it says 'One at a time'.
Ohhh tough crowd. Ok, here's another one.
#3-You are so fat, if you were a truck, you would have a sign that said 'Wide load'.
#4-If you backed up you would hear a beeping sound.

That's it for the Humor for NOW. Come back again after I update the site. Thanks for stopping by!

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